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Econometrics and Operational Research

In the web class you will be introduced to various subjects in the field of Econometrics like estimating housing prices, decision making and maximizing expectations and team formation based on statistics.

Econometrics and Operational Research
Econometrics and Operational Research

Econometrics and Operational Research

Econometrics is about the statistical methods needed to estimate econometric models. Operations research focuses on optimal decision-making and finding approximate solutions to very complex problems. If you decide to study Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR), you will learn to construct mathematical models to analyse economic data. With these models, you will be able to compute the unemployment rates of a country, the Gross National Product, the stock price of a company or the future exchange rate of the Euro.

Web class

During the first two weeks of this web class we will cover two topics related to Econometrics and in the last two weeks we will discuss two topics related to Operations Research. The topics are as follows: Regression Analysis & House Prices, Statistics & Deal or No Deal, Transportation and Team Selection.

Please note: this web class is entirely in English, just like the study itself. Therefore, your answers should also be in English.

Enrolment closed

The webclasses will be hosted again in the fall. Registration for this round will open on 14 October.

Do you have questions about the web class? Have a look at the frequently asked questions or send an email to webklassen

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