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How old is the universe? How do galaxies develop? How are planetary systems formed? Are you fascinated by questions like these? Today is your lucky day, because you may have found yourself the perfect bachelor! Spectacular discoveries have recently been made in the field of astronomy, mainly because technological advances make new things possible. In Groningen you can choose to concentrate on the universe itself, or on developing and improving instruments.


Web class

By combining the knowledge acquired in this web class you will do a very unique assignment: you will determine the expansion of the universe! In order to do so you will measure the distances and recession velocities of carefully selected galaxies and plot these quantities in a so-called Hubble diagram. This diagram will tell you the current rate of expansion of the universe. Would you like some more information about the programme, admission requirements and job opportunities? Visit the website of Astronomy!


Enrolment for the web classes is closed. In October, you can enrol for the new round.

If you have any questions regarding this web class, you can reach us at webklassen or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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