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What is a web class?

What's a web class?
What's a web class?

The Pre-University Academy has created the web classes to give high school students a better picture of what it is like to study at a university. We hereby put a focus on the content and the methods of a Bachelor’s programme. This way, you can experience what the first year of your study will look like.

A web class lasts four weeks. During this time, a new subject will become available online accompanied by a new assignment. You will get to work in our online student portal Nestor on the material and the assignments. Every week the assignments you hand in will be graded and provided with feedback by our tutors. If you sufficiently complete the web class you will receive a certificate of participation. But more importantly: you will have a clear picture of what it is like to study at a university.For questions you can have a look at the frequently asked questions or you can send an email to webklassen

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