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Science LinX Pre University Students Web classes


Intended for

High school students with an interest for mathematics.

The web class

In this web class we will study systems of linear equations. How can we solve them? And do linear systems always have solutions? As you will see if you follow this web class, it turns out that matrices are very useful for answering these questions. So you will also be introduced to matrices and learn how to add and multiply them.

This webclass is offered in English, but questions can be submitted in either English or Dutch.

Student Workload and Awarding

The workload of this web class is 10 hours.

If you are a high school student in the Netherlands, you can earn credits comparable to a workload of 10 hours and will receive a certificate if you do the assignments sufficiently every week. It is possible to use this course for credits at your school, but you have to arrange this with your school yourself. You can for example ask your teacher to join this web class, so he/she can keep up with your accomplishments

Studying Mathematics

This course intends to give a good impression of the way mathematics is taught at the University of Groningen. In fact, the material covered is the introductory part of the first year`s course Linear Algebra 1.

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