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Science LinX Pre University Students Web classes

Industrial Engineering & Managment

Intended for

High school students with an interest for industrial engineering & management.

The web class

This web class is about smart grids. Nowadays a lot of renewable energy resources such as wind and sunlight are used. However, this poses some unique problems. Most renewable energy resources are not always available. For example there is no sunlight during the night and some days it is more windy than other days. Smart grids integrate smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources and other devices to solve this problem. The smart grid can for example charge your car when there is an excess of energy and stop charging when there is a high demand.

In the first week we’ll explain what smart grids are and why they are useful. In week 2 you will discuss some of the challenges of smart grids in a so called ‘problem statement’. In week 3 you will explore possible solutions for these problems and finally in week 4 you will present a final design and pitch it in a video.

This webclass is offered in English, but questions can be submitted in either English or Dutch.

Student Workload and Awarding

You can earn credits comparable to a workload of 10 hours and will receive a certificate if you do the practical assignments sufficiently every week. The fourth week contains a final assignment that will be graded. It is possible to use this course for credits at your school, but you have to arrange this with your school yourself. You can for example ask your teacher to join this web class, so he/she can keep up with your accomplishments.

Studying Industrial Engineering & Management

This course gives a good impression of the diversity of the degree program of Industrial Engineering & Management.

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