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Medicine in Groningen
Medicine in Groningen

Intended for

High school students with an interest for medicine. The web class medicine is developed by the faculty of medicine, not by the Faculty of Science and Engineering (as all other web classes offered here). Because the subject is also beta-oriented, we provide the information here as well.

The web class

Do you want to know more about the diverse, academic study of Medicine in Groningen? And do you want to be introduced to one of the courses from the curriculum Medicine? Then this is your chance! Participate in the Web Class Medicine and work on two cases about diabetes.

You read it in the news paper and many academics discuss this topic: diabetes is becoming more and more common. The number of diabetics has increased rapidly. In 2011, the Netherlands had about 1.000.000 diabetics. According to de Diabetesvereniging, this number will increase by 65.000 people each year. That is a strong increase and that is why many academics are conducting research on the causes and treatments of diabetes. Maybe stem cell transplants will be the future in the fight against diabetes.

In this web class, you will work on two cases about diabetes under supervision of a student assistant of the University of Groningen. You will be introduced to symptomatology, diagnosis, and (future) treatment. Furthermore, a chat session and small lecture will be organized.


The web class takes four weeks and the workload for one week is about 3 - 5 hours. A single web class takes three hours, however, scholars indicate they need about five hours to finish the web class to their own satisfaction.

You can earn credits comparable to a workload of 10 hours and will receive a certificate if you do the practical assignments sufficiently every week. It is possible to use this course for credits at your school, but you have to arrange this with your school yourself. You can for example ask your teacher to join this web class, so he/she can keep up with your accomplishments.

Study Medicine

This web class gives you the opportunity to being introduced to the bachelor study Medicine at the University of Groningen. You will learn how to make a good diagnosis, what happens with diabetics on cell level and which treatments exist to deal with diabetes.

Note: The web class is an independent course and is not used in the selection process for the study of medicine. Therefore participation does not provide benefits for the decentralized selection. The contents of the English web class are the same as the Dutch , don't register for both!

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