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Profile assignment

Battle of the brains!

MindBall is a game you can win by relaxing your mind! You will find the game in the Science LinX exhibition. The headbands measure your brainwaves. By relaxing, meditating or daydreaming your brain will produce more alpha and theta waves, and these waves send the ball towards your opponent’s half.

Once you start playing you’ll soon discover that you have to keep your body still if you want to win. You may also find strategies to increase your chances of winning. What other factors play a role? Do you perform better after a good night’s sleep, or is the reverse true? How will a cup of coffee or an energy drink affect your chances? And does practice make perfect? You can answer all these questions at the MindBall exhibit, or even better: test your own hypotheses!

Contact the Science Support Desk if you have any questions or want help setting up a research project. You can also use the exhibit for your profile assignment. Click on the link to ask your question!

To get ideas:

Sleep and sleepiness


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