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Science LinX Visit our exhibitions! Longterm exhibition MIGHT-y


from infinitesimal to ginormous
What is it about?

Powers of Ten, zooming in and out from extremely small to vast. What do you find on the scales of nanometres, millimetres, kilometres and light years?

How do scientists use this knowledge?

Researchers at our faculty carry out research on various scales, from extremely small to gigantic! They make molecular nanomotors, study flu virus particles, programme robots and observe galaxies... research of MIGHT—y importance for us!

MIGHT-y. Photo: Elco van der Meer.
MIGHT-y. Photo: Elco van der Meer.
Science LinX Cube
Do you have a Science LinX cube? Come to our permanent exposition at the Bernoulliborg place your cube in front of the webcam to read the black and white code and see the invisible!

We would like to thank dr. Else Starkenburg, dr. Inga Kamp, prof. Harro Meijer, drs. Jos Hooijmeijer, prof. dr. Edwin Valentijn, Marten van Sanden, dr. Ronald van Elburg, prof. dr. Roberta Croce, PhD Jan Willem de Vries, dr. Marcelo Masman, prof. dr. Wesley Browne and Maaijke Mevius. We would also like to thank the Reality Center van het Centrum voor Informatie Technologie (CIT) en My Facilities.

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