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Kenniscafé: Meanwhile, on the Northpole...

Wanneer:do 14-10-2021 17:00 - 18:00

Kenniscafé | Meanwhile, on the North Pole...

The world's climate is changing all over the globe. One of the most visible consequences is the melting sea ice on the North Pole, causing the sea level to rise around the world. But what are the local changes that the melting sea ice brings about on the North Pole? How does climate change affect the Arctic ecosystems? What are the consequences for the local and indigenous population? The melting ice also creates a geopolitical shift by opening up new shipping lanes and possibly new oil wells. What are the economic outcomes for the area? And who does the North Pole actually belong to?

A conversation with Sean Desjardins, Postdoctoral Researcher Anthropology at the UG, on long-term human-environment relationships; indigenous and settler history and archaeology across the circumpolar Arctic; and Christoph Humrich, Assistant Professor International Relations and Political Science at the UG, on governance, geopolitics and security in the Arctic; and Annette Scheepstra, Social Scientist, Arctic Centre coordinator of external collaboration and expedition guide in Polar areas; moderated by Thandeka Kramer-Wolf.

In het Kenniscafé praten we welke maand met Groningse wetenschappers en onderzoekers over actuele thema's. Het Kenniscafé wordt georganiseerd door Studium Generale i.s.m. Science LinX en Forum Groningen en wordt ondersteund door het Akkoord van Groningen.