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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Solid State Materials for Electronics


Quantum Design PPMS Physical Property Measurement System 9T 2-400K
Quantum Design PPMS Physical Property Measurement System 9T 2-400K
  • Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)

PPMS is a cryogenic platform used to carry out temperature and magnetic field dependent physical measurements. Transport measurements, such as resistivity, Hall effect, Seebeck effect, magnetoresistance, as well as capacitance and magnetocapacitance, pyroelectric and ferroelectric measurements can be performed. By means of a sample rotator, it is possible to easily measure anisotropic properties of single crystal samples. The measurements are controlled by using LabView and Visual Basic programs.

Temperature range: 2 to 400 Kelvin
Maximum magnetic field: 9 Tesla

- Heat Capacity
- Thermal Transport (AC resistivity, Seebeck, Thermal conductivity)
- Torque Magnetometry
- Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
- Sample Rotator
- Scanning Probe Microscopy by attocube Systems

Janis' low temperature probestation
Janis' low temperature probestation
  • Probe Stations

Two probe stations with 4 probe micro manipulators are available:

- Janis probe station for low temperature measurements (5 K - RT)
- Custom-made probe station with high temperature Thermo chuck (RT - 900 K)

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