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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Solid State Materials for Electronics Nanostructures of Functional Oxides

Nanostructures of Functional Oxides

Our aim is to gain access to the materials nanoscale by manipulating the growth of thin film oxides at atomic level. By growing structures atomic-layer by atomic-layer one can create novel materials with compositions and symmetries deliberately tailored for specific applications. The focus is on ferroic materials (ferroelectrics, ferromagnets and multiferroics), as well as nanostructures based on ferroic patterns or other type of self-assembled patterns.


November 2015

Paper by Arnoud Everhardt et al. " Ferroelectric domain structures in low-strain BaTiO3 " published online in Advanced Electronic Materials.

February 2015

Oleskiy Nesterov succesfully defends his thesis "Control of Periodic Ferroelastic Domains in Ferroelectric Pb1-xSrxTiO3 thin films for nanoscale memory devices"

June 2014

Paper accepted in Nature Communications: The paper on "Super switching and control of in-plane ferroelectric nanodomains in strained thin films" by Sylvia Matzen, Oleksiy Nesterov, Gijsbert Rispens, Jeroen Heuver, Mike Biegalski, Hans Christen, and Beatriz Noheda to appear in July in Nature Communications .

December 2012

Beatriz Noheda is appointed member of the Editorial board of Applied Physics/Journal of Applied Physics for the next 3 years.

December 2011

Beatriz Noheda has been elected Fellow of the American Physical Society. For more information seeRuG, Zernike Institute or FOM press releases.

October 2011

Paper on "Flexoelectric rotation of polarization in ferroelectric thin films" by Gustau Catalan, Ard Vlooswijk, Gijsbert Rispens and Beatriz Noheda (SSME group) and collaborators at Twente, Barcelona and Toulousse, has been published in Nature Materials (Advanced online publication inOctober 16th). See also press release.

August 2011

Paper on "Conduction at 71o domain walls in BiFeO3 thin films" by Saeedeh Farokhipoor and Beatriz Noheda has been accepted in Phys. Rev. Letts.

June 2011

The University of Groningen is ranked 4th in terms of citations and impact on Materials Science according to Thomson Reuters (June 2011). See ranking.