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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Physics of nanodevices Van der Wal Group


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QD dinner 2017 – left to right: Gerjan, Talieh, Tom, Freddie, Feitze, Frits, Xiangyang, Carmem, Xu, Caspar
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Group Leader

Prof. dr. ir. C.H. (Caspar) van der Wal

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PhD's and Postdocs

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Carmem Maia Gilardoni (Postdoc 2021-2022)

  • Topic: Quantum optics with defects in SiC
  • Email:
  • Tel. +(31) 50 363  8974
  • Office: 5113.0139
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Joop Hendriks (PhD student 2020-2023)

  • Topic: Quantum optics with defects in SiC
  • Email:
  • Tel. +(31) 50 363  4974
  • Office: 5113.0227

Bachelor and (Top) Master Students

We have always options for projects but can only host a few projects at the same time. Contact us in any case (early!).

Name Details
Michael Bruno Physics Bachelor project 2022
Alex Rommens Physics Bachelor project 2022, exchange with IST Austria
Adrian Sidhu  Physics Master project 2022-2023
Rick Beltman Physics Master project 2022-2023
Thomas Fortuin Physics Master project 2022-2023, collaboration Taminiau Lab QuTech TU Delft

Previous Team Members: Staff

Name Details Current Status
Xu Yang PhD student 2015-2019, postdoc 2020-2021 (project with profs. Van Wees, Herrmann) -
Talieh Ghiasi PhD student 2016-2020, postdoc 2020-2021 (main supervisor was prof. Van Wees) -
Tom Bosma PhD student 2016-2020 Engineer at Microsoft Station Q Copenhagen
Madhu Bettadahalli Nandishaiah  (publishing as B. N. Madhushankar) PhD student 2015-2019 (main supervisor was prof. Van Wees) -
Jorge Quereda Bernabeu Postdoc 2016-2019 (main supervisor was prof. Van Wees) Research staff at University of Salamanca, Spain
Gerjan Lof  PhD student 2014-2018 (project with profs. Havenith, Loi, Broer) R&D engineer at ASML
Jakko de Jong PhD student 2012-2016, Postdoc 2016 Working at QNH Consultants
Olger Zwier PhD student 2012-2016 Design engineer at ASML
Sander Onur PhD student 2010-2014, Postdoc 2015-2016 Medical Physicist in Training/Researcher at UMC Utrecht
Danny O’Shea Postdoc 2012-2014, NWO-Veni fellow recipient 2014 Modified career due to circumstances
Diederik Perdok Research assistant 2013 (project with profs. Loi, Broer, Havenith) Researcher and data analyst at Intelligence2Integrity
Alok Chaubal PhD student 2009-2014 Design engineer at ASML
Javaid Iqbal PhD student 2007-2012 Assistant professor at  Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
Sergii Denega PhD student 2007-2011 R&D position at ASML
Maksym Saldkov PhD student 2006-2010 R&D position at ASML
Pedro Rizo PhD student 2005-2009 (with prof. Van Loosdrecht) Mapper Lithography and ASML
Ji Liu PhD student 2005-2009 Raising a family in China
Thorsten Last Postdoc 2006-2008 (with prof. Van Wees) Research associate at UC Berkeley, USA
Erik Koop PhD student 2004-2008 R&D position at ASML

Previous Team Members: Students

  • Sietse Dijt (Topmaster Nanoscience literature study with report 2022)
    Towards Quantum Biosensing with Defect Spins in Silicon Carbide
  • Amara Zahid (short Top Master project 2021)
    On designing SiC waveguide structures
  • Irina Ion (Physics Master project 2019-2020)
    Thesis title: Microwave driving of transition metal defect spins coupled to nuclear spins in SiC
  • Danny van Hien (Applied Physics Master project 2018-2019)
    Thesis title: Time-resolved experiments on molybdenum impurity spins in silicon carbide
  • Robbert Julius (Applied Physics Bachelor project, with Honours College extension, 2019)
    Waveguiding in highly p- and n-doped silicon carbide
  • Pieter Wolff (Applied Physics Bachelor project 2019)
    Modelling time-resolved photo-luminescence of multi-level quantum emitters
  • Wastu Ginanjar (Applied Physics Bachelor project 2019)
    Level structure and selection rules for transitions of quantum emitters in silicon carbide
  • Miina Leiviska (Topmaster Nanoscience literature study with report 2019),
    Spin- and optically-active transition-metal defects in SiC
  • Hans Beukers (Physics Master project 2018-2019, collaborative project carried out at QuTech TU Delft, group prof. Ronald Hanson)
    Thesis title: Improving coherence of quantum memory during entanglement creation between nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond – The cure for quantum Alzheimer?
    (Winner MSc thesis prize)
  • Frits Kernkamp (Applied Physics Master project 2017-2018)
    Thesis title: Towards transport measurements of chiral induced spin selectivity in organic molecules on graphene: Theoretical foundations and experimental design
  • Freddie Hendriks (Physics Master project 2017-2018)
    Thesis title: Spin-active color centres in silicon carbide, fundamental description and novel experimental techniques
  • Xiangyang Wei (Nanoscience Top Master project 2017-2018)
    Thesis title: Optical waveguides formed by silicon carbide on doped substrates: For enhanced optical manipulation of defect spin qubits in silicon carbide
  • Wessel Brinkhuis (Applied Physics Bachelor project 2018)
    Thesis title: Towards slow light with inhomogeneous ensembles of color centers in silicon carbide: Modeling inhomogeneous broadening in SiC c-axis divacancies
  • Feitze van Zwol (Physics Master project 2016-2017)
    Thesis title: Instrumentation development of a high-resolution two-laser spectroscopy setup and its applications to solid state devices
  • Carmem Maia Gilardoni (Nanoscience Top Master project 2016-2017)
    Thesis title: Transport Properties of Graphene Field Effect Transistors Functionalized with Photosystem I
  • James Lyon (Bachelor project 2017, collaboration with SRON)
    Thesis title: Performance Analysis of Low Temperature Superconducting Flux Pump
  • Fran Simic (Bachelor project 2017)
    Thesis title: Single-mode waveguiding in n-doped 4H-SiC
  • Robert van der Velde (Bachelor project 2017)
    Thesis title: Waveguiding in highly n-doped silicon carbide
  • Elias Brul (Bachelor project 2017)
    Thesis title: Mechanical and Electrical characterization of Photosystem I adsorbed on graphene
  • Floris van Nyendaal (Bachelor project 2017)
    Thesis title: Photoresponse of a Graphene-based Si/SiO2 Field-Effect Transistor
  • Evelien Zwanenburg (Bachelor project 2016)
    Thesis title: Conducting probe measurements of photo-active photosystem I monolayers on graphene
  • Maarten Degen (Nanoscience Top Master project 2015-2016, exchange visit to MIT)
    Thesis title: Engineering, control and effects of field amplitude distributions in solid-state devices with nanoscale optical emitters
  • Tom Bosma (Physics Master project 2015-2016)
    Thesis title: Electron and Spin Transport in Graphene and Metallic Channels with Photosystem I Monolayers
  • Mikhail Dryzhov (Bachelor student honors project 2015-2017)
    Thesis title: Preparation and characterization of self-assembled photosystem-I on graphene
  • Joop Adema (Bachelor project 2015)
    Thesis title: Excited State Spectroscopy and Optical Bleaching in c-axis divacancies in Silicon Carbide
  • Feitze van Zwol (Bachelor project 2015)
    Thesis title: Simulations on single-mode waveguides in GaAs
  • Henry de Vries (Bachelor project 2015)
    Thesis title: Optimizing Photoluminescence Retrieval from Gallium Arsenide in a Fiber-Based Cryogenic Environment
  • Camiel van Hooff (Bachelor project 2015, collaboration with SRON)
    Thesis title: On the Development of a Far-infrared Thermal Image Generator
  • Hallo Arbely (Bachelor project 2015, collaboration with SRON)
    Thesis title: Calculations of Higher Modes in Pyramidal Horn Antennas
  • Xu Yang (Thesis project top master NanoScience 2014-2015)
    continued as a PhD student in our team
    Thesis title: Controlling Optical Interactions with Divacancy Spin Ensembles in Silicon Carbide: Towards a Quantum Memory
  • Sebastien Volker (Master project 2014-2015)
    continued on a management trainee position at UMCG Groningen
    Thesis title: Simulating the Emission of Spontaneous Spin-Flip Raman Photons from Ensembles of Donor-Bound Electrons in n-GaAs
  • Urvashi Gupta (Master research project 2014-2015, exchange student from IISER India)
    continued to finish her master degree in India
  • Carmem Maia Gilardoni (Exchange student project 2014)
    continued to finish her bachelor degree in Brazil, and came back to Groningen for the Nanoscience Top Master Program
  • Angad Singh (Research internship, visiting student 2014)
    continued to finish his bachelor degree in India
  • Xavi Bonet Monroig (Erasmus bachelor project 2014)
    continued to finish his bachelor degree in Valencia, Spain, and in master studies
  • Diederik Perdok (Master project 2012-2013)
    continued as a research assistant in our team
  • Jorrit Sloot (Bachelor and Master project 2010-2012)
    continued as consultant data analytics at Deloitte
  • Olger Zwier (Master project 2011-2012)
    continued as PhD student in our team
  • Jakko de Jong (Master project 2011-2012)
    continued as PhD student in our team
  • Rianne Lous (Top Master student 2011-2012, exchange visit to Harvard)
    continued as PhD student in the group of prof. Grimm, Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation, Innsbruck, Austria
  • Rob Bremer (Master student 2011-2012)
    continued on an industrial career
  • Jasper van der Velde (short Top Master project 2011)
    continued as PhD student in the group of prof. Cordes in Groningen
  • Morten Bakker (Top Master project 2009-2010)
    continued as PhD student in the group of prof. Bouwmeester in Leiden


  • 2008 Andrii Rudavskyi (Topmaster research project), Optical probing of spin dynamics in devices etched in GaAs heterostructures.
  • 2008 Sander Kamerbeek (Bachelor research project), Optical waveguides in semiconductor heterostructures.
  • 2008 Brian Smith (Topmaster literature study with report), Solid-state quantum computing.
  • 2008 Joost Flipse (Bachelor research project) Spin relaxation in quantum dots.
  • 2008 Josbert Mulder (Bachelor research project) Low-noise detection scheme for optical studies on spins in semiconductors.
  • 2007 Niels van der Kaap (Bachelor research project) Polarization maintaining fibers for addressing spin in semiconductors with a cryogenic microscope.
  • 2007 Sander Kamerbeek (Bachelor instrumentation project), Automated measurements on quantum dots with rapid data transfer.
  • 2007 Arjen van der Pal (Bachelor instrumentation project), Control of quantized conductance demonstration setup.
  • 2006 Maksym Sladkov (Topmaster research project, with Prof. Bart van Wees), Microwave control of spintronics.
  • 2006 Xinglan Liu (Topmaster literature study with report) Quantum optics wit BEC’s.
  • Bram Slachter (Bachelor and Master project 2004-2006)
    continued as PhD student in the group of prof. Van Wees in Groningen, before going to ASML
  • 2006 Bram Slachter (Topmaster research project, with Prof. Paul van Loosdrecht), Optical probing of spin dynamics in GaAs heterostructures.
  • 2006 Bram Slachter (Topmaster literature study with report), Solid-state single-photon sources.
  • 2006 Xinglan Liu (Topmaster research project) Quantum optics with semiconductors.
  • 2006 Friederich Limbach (Bachelor research project), Ohmic contacts to GaAs heterostructures.
  • 2005 Gabi Visanescu (Master research project), Microwave control of spintronics.
  • 2004 Mikel Boute (Bachelor research project), Ohmic contacts to GaAs heterostructures.
  • 2004 Francesco Maddalena (Topmaster literature study with report), Quantum dots.
  • 2004 Bram Slachter (Bachelor research project), Microwave control of spintronics.
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