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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Physics of nanodevices Banerjee Group

Spintronics of Functional Materials

Welcome to the website of Spintronics of Functional Materials group of Prof. Tamalika Banerjee!

We focus on new approaches to create and manipulate spin transport across device interfaces with complex oxide semiconductors, graphene, and topological insulators using oxide (anti-)ferromagnets, and metal oxides. We have demonstrated emergent functionalities related to the breaking of inversion symmetry and exploiting spin-orbit coupling at such interfaces. Our research is relevant for Beyond Moore applications such as in spin logic, reconfigurable spintronics architecture and bioinspired computing. We fabricate our devices using the facilities available at NanoLab Groningen and study electronic and spin transport at variable magnetic fields and temperatures and at the nanometer scale.

Last modified:12 April 2019 3.20 p.m.