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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Molecular Biophysics van der Zaag group

PhD positions

There are currently no positions available.

For a list of previous PhD positions see below.

Advanced optical imaging for 3D tissue analysis

We are looking for a PhD candidate for our research on 3D tissue analysis using advanced optical imaging methods. The aim of the PhD project is to build and develop 3D imaging and super resolution microscopy for tissue and biological sample analysis. Experience in optics is desirable. If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please contact dr. P.J. van der Zaag.

Job description

You will have the following main responsibilities and tasks:

• Develop optical methods for 3D tissue analysis.

• Apply these techniques to the study of biological samples to study the distribution of cancer cells and their interaction with medication

Together with the University Medical Center - Groningen (UMCG), we are exploring novel optical methods to study the distribution of cancer cells in tissue as well as the 3D-distribution of advanced cancer medication. This is important to determine how to do surgery and to understand how cancer drugs work in patients at cellular level. The final aim of the project is to understand the drug-cancer cell interaction at cellular level using advanced optical techniques such as confocal and light-sheet microscopy and super resolution techniques (e.g. STED which provides 30-40 nm resolution) available in the molecular biophysics group. Apart from developing optics imaging methods and applying them, the work aims implement these methods in the new operation rooms at the UMCG to help improve cancer surgery.

You will work in an interdisciplinary and international research environment with local colleagues both at the Zernike institute and the UMCG as well as with international collaborators from physics, medical and biomolecular sciences.


You have/are:

• a European master’s degree (or equivalent) in physics, biophysics, nanoscience

• motivated and able to work in a multidisciplinary and international work environment

• good communication skills in both oral and written English

Experience in optics is highly appreciated but not required.


Do you meet our qualification criteria? If yes, please send us your application which should include

• CV

• Motivation letter.

The vacancy remains open until filled (published online 16/09/2021)

Last modified:10 January 2022 12.18 p.m.