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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Molecular Biophysics van der Zaag group


The group investigates physical and nanotechnological methods to study fundamental aspects of biological processes, notably those related to cancer.

A first example is advanced 3D optical imaging of samples, for instance tissue, to enable the study of cancer growth and the distribution of cancer drugs. This will involve Light Sheet- and confocal microscopy. The ultimate aim is to image the interaction of the new generation on antibody-based cancer drugs with cancer and tissue cells. This work is done in collaboration with colleagues at the UMCG (OMIG group) and start-ups.

Here the tissue is segmented (white) and epithelial connective tissue is labeled red and luminal basal cells green. (Sample diameter ≈ 600 µm)

This will be followed by more in-depth studies at individual cell level. An example of previous work is shown below in which at single cell level, RNA and DNA was separately extracted in a microfluidic device, to understand the mechanism driving tumor growth

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