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Research Zernike (ZIAM) MK De Hosson Group

Materials Science

Innovation starts with Materials Science

Prof. Dr. De Hosson has reached emeritus status, so this page is no longer actively maintained and he is no longer recruiting students.

We all live, play, work and study in a world of materials. Modern technology depends critically on the availability of advanced materials and tailoring these materials with a desirable set of structural and functional properties has always been a dream of materials scientists. The research efforts of the Materials Science group are devoted to make this dream to become true. Our group of enthusiastic and talented researchers of eight different nationalities from all over the world comprises a strong international team of physicists and engineers who collaborate in multi- and interdisciplinary research projects.

Our mission is to carry out innovative and pre-competitive research in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology with particular emphasis on:

  • Nanostructured materials: nano-clusters, nano-foams, nano-object
  • Nanostructured composite coatings: thin films and applications
  • Laser surface and interface engineering: thick coatings and applications
  • Heterophase and homophase interfaces: fundamentals and applications
  • Advances in microscopy: in situ TEM, SEM, AFM, STM, Picoforce, FIB

for applications in areas such as coating and surface technology, transportation, communications, production systems and data processing).

The materials are designed and processed by in-house state-of-the art high power laser systems and vapor deposition techniques. Since properties of nanostructured materials are strongly affected or even controlled by the presence of solid interfaces between similar and dissimilar materials, a considerable part of our research programme concentrates on experimental and theoretical work of the characterization of hetero- and homophase interface structures with advanced in–situ electron microscopy methods over various length-scales.

The curiosity driven pre-competitive and innovative FOM and NWO research projects are accompanied by mission-oriented innovative projects sponsored by the Materials Innovation Institute (M2i), Innovative Research Programmes on Self Healing (Senter-IOP), FP-7 EU programs and STW.

The research group Materials Science is part of the Department of Applied Physics, School of Physics and of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials of the University of Groningen of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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