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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)

TRIµP Research Projects

Facility development

A magnetic gas filled separator will be develloped to purify radioactive secondary beams from the primary beam and other reaction products.

K. Jungmann / H. Wilschut

Beam Development

For research in connection with searches for Physics beyond the standard model we develop beams of radioactive Ne, Na, K, Fr and Ra nucleids.

K. Jungmann / H. Wilschut

Magneto-Optic Atom-Trap

A generic atom trap will be set up to host different interesting species for precision research. This includes sensitive detection of rare isotopes.

R. Hoekstra / R. Morgenstern

Nuclear β - decay

Neutrino-electron correlations are studied to search for New Physics.

H. Wilschut



Fundamental Electron-Nucleus Interaction in atoms

Other than electromagnetic interactions between electrons and nuclei are usually stronger  in heavier atoms. An example is the known weak force.

K. Jungmann


Permanent Electric Dipole Moments

Permanent electric dipole moments relate to CP and T violation. They are searched for in Radium isotopes. To this extent several prepartory steps are neccessary including the setup of  laser equipment and measurements of nuclear and atomic properties.

K. Jungmann/ L. Willmann

Radium Spectroscopy

Little spectroscopic data are available for the radium atom and its low ionized states. In particular transition frequencies and excited state lifetimes are of interest in connection with precision weak interactions research in these systems.

L. Willmann

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