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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)

Deuteron EDM

Permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) violate parity and time-reversal symmetry, and are therefore practically zero in the Standard Model (SM). Many extensions of the SM predict much larger EDMs, which are therefore an excellent probe for the existence of new physics. Until recently it was believed that only electrically neutral systems could be used for a sensitive search for EDMs. The search on charged systems has become feasible with the introduction of a novel experimental method. This method makes use of the strong motional electric fields that a moving charged particle experiences in a magnetic field. It provides direct access to the very interesting realm of light nuclei and other charged particles, which so far has not been examined for EDMs, in particular the proton and the deuteron. The KVI focus is mainly on the design of a highly sensitive deuteron polarimeter and corresponding readout system.
Last modified:20 June 2014 10.19 a.m.