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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)

The ColdMol Team

Steven Hoekstra
Steven Hoekstra

Assistant Professor

tel. +31 50 363 9713 (office) 2435 (lab1) 3587 (lab2)

RUG University staff webpage (including cv)

Joost van den Berg
Joost van den Berg

PhD student

tel.: +31 50 363 3665

Corine Meinema
Corine Meinema

PhD Student

tel.: +31 363 2054

Aernout van der Poel
Aernout van der Poel

Masters Student

tel.: +31 363 3597

Nathan Mol

Bachelor Student

Franck Tan

Visiting Stagaire

Former members of the g roup:

Nathan Mol - Bachelor student

Franck Tan - Visiting stagaire

Samuel Hoekman Turkesteen - Master student

Eric Prinsen - Masters student

Camille Burban - Visiting Stagaire

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