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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)


Some general calcium links

> The element Calcium - from Periodic Table v2.5 in Portugal

> The element Calcium -

> Easy literature searching for specific isotopes: The Isotope Explorer

Calcium isotope research / information

> The calcium isotopes – large table with all the properties of the decay of calcium isotopes

> Another list of calcium isotope properties

Calcium-41 research

>Laser Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy for Selective Trace Analysis in Mainz (Germany)

Atom Trap Trace Analysis

> Atom Trap Trace Analysis in Argonne (US)

> Cool cold calcium experiments:

> Intercombination line spectroscopy of laser cooled calcium atoms at NIST (USA)

> the Atom Optics Group in Hamburg (Germany)

> the Quantum Optics Group at PTB Braunschweig (Germany)

> Laser cooled calcium atoms at the Optics and Photonics Research Center in Campinas (Brazil)

> Atom interferometry and cold plasmas at Brigham Young University (USA)

> Cold atom traps around the world

Related experiments at the KVI:

> TRIµP: Trapped Radioactive Isotopes: µicro-laboratories for Fundamental Physics

> MOTRIMS: Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy of (Highly Charged) Ion Collisions on Magneto-Opticallly Trapped Na

> Atomic Physics: The Homepage of the Atomic Physics Group

Relevant conferences in 2006:

> 2006 International Conference on Atomic Physics 2006, Innsbruck, Austria

> YAO 2006 Young Atom Opticians Conference 2006 in Paris, France

> LAP2006 International Conference on Laserprobing, Vienna, Austria

> Laser2006 VII International Workshop, Poznan, Polan

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