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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)

Postdoc Opportunities

The TRIµP project has started in spring 2001. At this stage it offers various opportunities to join the young team in setting up and exploiting a facility for research with radioactive beams. We plan on finishing the first part of the setup (a magnetic separator device)  in 2004 at which point first experiments can start.

In the TRIµP facility the nucleids of interest are produced in fixed target reactions of heavy ions which are accelerated by the superconducting ARGOR cyclotron.  The isotopes of interest are electromagnetically separated from the primary beam and less favoured reaction products in gas filled devices. After slowing down and optical cooling radioactive atoms are stored in a magneto-optical trap (MOT). The foreseen program includes detailed studies of the nature of nuclear b-decay as well as studies of parity violation in atoms and searches for time reversal violating permanent electric dipole moments of fundamental particles.

We encourage enthuisiastic postdocs with strong interests to conduct research  in an interdisciplinary field,  where atomic, nuclear and particle physics meet, to join our growing team.  Such experiments have a large potential to contribute to searches for physics beyond the standard model. The research approaches at atomic energies are complementary to experiments at accelerators with the highest today achievable energies. It should be mentioned that among the recent indications for the need of significant extensions to the standard theory were found in low energy precision expriments such as a measurement of the muon magnetic anomaly.

For TRIµP  forefront technological equipment will be designed and constructed. The physics program includes experimental and theoretitcal work in various physics fields.

The TRIµP facility is forseen to be built up within the next 4 years followed by an exploitation period until 2013. The Netherlands FOM funding agency and the Rijksuniversity Groningen provide the basic funding for the project and its research programs over these periods.  The setup of the apparatus will be in stages and promisses already in its early phases interesting publishable results concerning technological aspects and  first physics results. 

The members of the TRIµP group willl be happy to work together with you on a research proposal suited to your interests, skills and the projects capabilities. 

For detailed questions concerning a postdocship please contact 

Prof. Klaus P. Jungmann
Kerfysisch Versneller Instituut
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Zernikelaan 25
NL 9747 AA Groningen
The Netherlands

(phone +31 50 363 3553 )

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