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Research Van Swinderen Institute Research The Cosmic Frontier

The Cosmic Frontier

The present description of our Universe poses tremendous challenges for our understanding of particle physics and gravity. In addition to ordinary baryonic matter, there are far larger components of dark matter and dark energy. The microscopic origin of both these phenomena is unknown and seems to require a profound theoretical change of perspective. Similarly, an important question concerns the physics of the Big Bang: how did the Universe come into existence? Given the tremendous energies in thisprimordial epoch, this has a direct bearing on high-energy physics. Other questions concern unveiling the mysteries surrounding Black Holes and their event horizons. This is directly related to the question whether gravity is a fundamental force, or an emergent phenomenon resulting from underlying quantum degrees of freedom.

Within the Cosmic Frontier we focus on two specific, theoretical Research Lines: `The Physics of the Big Bang' and `The Physics of Gravity'.