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Research Van Swinderen Institute Symposia and Meetings Van Swinderen Institute Inaugural Symposium


The program will be as follows:

14:00 Elmer Sterken (Rector, University of Groningen)

14:10 Ed Hinds (Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College London)

"Probing physics at tera-volts by measuring atto-volts"

14:50 Michele Maggiore (Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva)

"Nonlocal gravity and dark energy"

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Stan Bentvelsen (Nikhef, Amsterdam)

"Particle Physics at Nikhef"

16:30 Eric Bergshoeff (Van Swinderen Institute, Groningen)

"The mission of the Van Swinderen Institute"

17:00 Drinks

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