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Commercial Development and Real Estate Investors

With the theme Commercial development and real estate investors, our research focusses on the behavior of firms active in the market for income-generating real estate like developers, investors, and public housing associations. The topics discussed include, amongst others, real estate investment, real estate finance and corporate finance.

Commercial real estate has attracted substantial interests from investors who aim at achieving portfolio diversification, better asset liability management and inflation protection. Understanding of commercial real estate market is also crucial to the users of space and will contribute to their corporate success. This integrated investment and consumption feature of commercial estate motivates numerous lines of research. In collaboration with the real estate industry, our research aims at enhancing our knowledge of the commercial real estate market and addressing issues that are relevant to day-to-day real estate business practices.

Ongoing projects

Research title

Leading researcher

Foreign direct investment in commercial real estate markets

Dr. Xiaolong Liu

Drivers in hotel real estate performance

Prof. Ed Nozeman

Retail redevelopment investments

Dr. Mark van Duijn

Retail rents and incentives

Prof. Arno van der Vlist


Some of our publications in this field are (for all publications, see staff profiles):

Liu, X. and P. Liu (2012). Market portfolio composition in REITs risk premium estimation. Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 18(1), pp. 291-310.

Brouwer, H.J. (2014). Land Policy and Vacancies in the Metropolitan Amsterdam Office Market. In E.F. Nozeman and A.J. van der Vlist (Eds.), European Commercial Real Estate Markets (pp. 103-131) . Berlin: Springer.

Nozeman E.F. and A.J. Van der Vlist (2014). European Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Markets. Advances in Spatial Science. Berlin: Springer .

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