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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Reproductive health among adolescents in rural Bangladesh: experiences from childhood and cultural and gender aspects

Principal investigator

Alinda Bosch


Professor Inge Hutter and Professor Frans Willekens

Type of research 

PhD research


ICDDR, B (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, in Bangladesh), Dhaka






To investigate reproductive health of adolescents in Bangladesh. Click here to go the summary of the PhD research.


  • Bosch, A. (2005), Adolescents' reproductive health in rural Bangladesh. PhD dissertation. Thela Thesis, Amsterdam.
  • Bosch, A. and I. Hutter (2002), Achtergronden, opzet en datacollectie in een levensloop studie naar reproduktieve gezondheid van adolescenten in ruraal Bangladesh. Bevolking en Gezin 31(2): 67-94.
  • Bosch, A. and I. Hutter (1999), Reproductive health of adolescents in rural Bangladesh, viewed from a life course perspective. Unpublished report HERA. 


  • Bosch, A. (2003), Is an impaired nutritional status passed on from one generation to the next? A case study among adolescents and their parents in Matlab, Bangladesh. Poster presentation at the Annual Conference of the Population Association of America, Minneapolis, 1-3 May 2003.
  • Bosch, A. (2003), Adolescents' reproductive health in rural Bangladesh: From impact of experiences in childhood to implications for action. Presentation at seminar 'Reproductive issues'. Organized by the Reproductive Health Unit of ICDDR,B. Dhaka, 9 March 2003.
  • Bosch, A. (2003), Impact of experiences in childhood on adolescents' reproductive health. Outline of a research project. Presentation at Workshop on Demography, Health and Social Policy. Issues and Perspectives. Organized by the Department of Social Statistics, University of Southampton and the Population Research Centre, University of Groningen. Southampton, 29-31 January 2003.
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