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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Predicting (future) local differences in health care use through spatio-temporal analysis incorporating demographic and socio-economic change

Principal researcher

Aletta Dijkstra (Pharmacoepidemiology)

Type of research

PhD project


Professor Eelko Hak (FWN, PE2), Professor Leo van Wissen (NIDI), Dr. Fanny Janssen (FRW, PRC)


Unit Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics (PE2) of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Groningen.

Co-project leader from PRC

Fanny Janssen


European wide, regional socio-economic development, population ageing, population decline and the associated health situation are of importance for the local provision of health care. Current economic polarization and related demographic transformation are likely to negatively influence the provision of health care and associated health care use in declining and ageing regions, whereas needs might be higher. Research into this issue is scarce.

This study will focus on the role of demographic change and socio-economic development in (future) local differences in health care use. Multi-disciplinary spatio-temporal analysis will be conducted with rich pharmaceutical and GIS databases covering the Northern Netherlands to quantify the role of these determinants.

The results will help targeting future regional health care needs.


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