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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Demographic trends and housing in the northern Netherlands

In recent years, regional population decline in the Netherlands has received ample attention from policy makers. Demographers from PRC Groningen have repeatedly been asked to provide insight into demographic trends and accompanying trends in housing, and the consequences of population decline in the (Northern) Netherlands. In 2006, the requests for such information intensified following the publication of the report  "Structural Population Decline" by Derks et al. (2006).

In 2007, PRC was commissioned by a group of Dutch housing corporations to provide insight into future demographic trends in the northern Dutch provinces. A series of reports was published by PRC/URSI, comparing the several regional forecasts and giving a regional differentiation focused on the northern Netherlands. The reports are in Dutch and can be downloaded from this website.

Besides these publications, PRC members have been asked to provide presentations for different audiences, ranging from the province of Groningen to housing corporations and northern municipalities. See the section Dutch Demography for the different presentations.

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