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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Development and evaluation of a framework integrating cohort effects to predict long-term effects of interventions at the population-level

Principal researcher

Maarten J. Bijlsma

Type of research

PhD research


Professor Eelko Hak (FWN, PE2), Professor Stijn Vansteelandt (UGent, Statistics) and Dr. Fanny Janssen (FRW, PRC)


Unit Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics (PE2) of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Groningen.


The population of developed countries is ageing. Healthy ageing is a top priority because health and quality of life are interrelated. Pharmaceutical interventions play a strong role in maintaining good health and thereby quality of life. However, controversy remains over the nationwide health effects of large-scale introduction of preventive pharmaceutical interventions. Accurate long term predictions of health effects are decisive in the choice for implementing certain interventions. An age-period-cohort (APC) framework integrating birth cohort effects (e.g. difference in adherence, changed guidelines) may improve the validity of predictions, but fundamental studies are lacking. We aim to build such a framework by combining methodology from the fields of demography, (pharmaco)epidemiology and statistics.. We observed cohort effects to be essential to validly assess trends in drug use that were masked by standard analyses. We propose to empirically compare and evaluate the conventional framework and the framework integrating cohort effects to accurately predict long-term effects of interventions at the population level. Within the new framework we compare the classical age-period-cohort methods used in epidemiology and demography with advanced statistical methods (e.g. recently developed techniques employing mixed modelling and Bayesian inference). To support healthy ageing intervention programs, accurate techniques for estimating their effectiveness are required.


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