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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Modeling the effect of risk factors on healthy ageing

Principal researcher

Mieke Reuser

Type of research

PhD research


Dr Luc Bonneux and Professor Frans Willekens


Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW) fund for Demography-Epidemiology-Actuarial Science (DEA)


September 2006 – May 2010

Public Defence

October 28, 2010. 14.45 Academic Building, Groningen.

Summary of the project

The aim of this project is to study the effect of risk factors on mortality and morbidity at middle and old age. With increasing life expectancy it is unsure whether the number of years people live with disability will increase or decrease. Several risk factors and choices made in a people's life course influence the timing of a transition to disability and the duration of stay in that situation. It turns out that for example, being obese does not significantly increase mortality but does increase the chance to physical and perhaps also cognitive disability. Smoking on the other hand is much more fatal and therefore shortens the disabled life span.

In this Phd research I will focus on the middle and older age population of age 55 and over. Based on longitudinal data from the US Health and Retirement Survey (HRS), cohort biographies can be modelled by means of multistate models and shed light on the influence of risk factors on health transitions to mild and severe physical disability, cognitive decline or death. Based on these models one can predict the health status of the elderly population in the future. One useful application for example would be to project the need for long-term care for elderly in the future.



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