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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Care from India: exploring Indian nurse migration and reception in Northern Netherlands

Prinicpal researcher

Ajay Bailey




Funded by the Gratama foundation (May 2011)


The research focuses on the (temporary) immigration of Indian migrants in the health sector in northern Netherlands. The UMCG faced much flakfor importing Indian surgery assistants to the Groningen.

Nurse migration is a complex issue. On the one side it results in ‘brain drain’, on the other hand it is the right of the nurse as a high skilled migrant to seek the best possible job in the globalizing labour market. The proposed project willexplore

· How are nurses from India inducted into the Dutch medical system?

· How the inclusion of the Indian nurses is received by the Dutch co-workers?

· How do Indian nurses negotiate cultural and professional differences in the Dutch medical system?

· How does the Indian cultural context shape the style of care provision by Indian nurses in Northern-Netherlands?

This project is first of its kind in Northern Netherlands which can capture this emerging trend of importing skilled labor from modernizing and emerging economies such as India. With the focus on both the Indian and Dutch cultures and workers it will aid in creating a dialogue between the two groups by which they can better deliver services and at the same time the inclusion of the skilled workers can be more culturally sensitive.

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