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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Global Migration, Culture and Place


Objectives for the research theme Global migration, Culture and Place are

  • to explore the motives and consequences of migration
  • to examine linkages between internal and international migration
  • to combine perspectives both from sending and receiving countries
  • to gain insights into the role of culture and place in the lives of migrants
  • to link migration with other processes such as ageing and health

Ongoing projects

Key publications

  • Caro, E, Bailey A. and van Wissen, L.J.G. ‘Negotiating between patriarchy and emancipation: Rural to Urban Migrant Women in Albania. Gender , Place and Culture. Forthcoming
  • Bailey, A. (2011) 'In search of livelihoods: migration and mobility from Karnataka to Goa'. In : S. Irudaya Rajan (ed.), Migration, Identity and Conflict: India Migration Report 2011, Routledge, India. pp 108-124.
  • Bailey, A. (2011) Left at Sea: HIV vulnerability among migrant fishermen in Goa, India. International Maritime Health, 62(2), pages 116-122
  • Kõu, A., L.J.G. van Wissen and A. Bailey (2010), Meer dan hersens alleen: De levensloop van hoogopgeleide migranten [More than brains only: The life course of highly skilled migrants ]. Demos 26(1) (Special Issue): 8-10.
  • Meijering, L. & D. Lager Home-making of older Antillean immigrants in the Netherlands. Forthcoming  
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