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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Older migrants in a residential community

Principal researchers

Dr Louise Meijering and dr. Debbie Lager

Other researchers involved

Dr Bettina van Hoven


2009 - 2013

Summary of the project

Project about home-making of older Antillean migrants in a residential community. Dr. Debbie Lager collected the data for this project, as part of her Individual Research Training and Master Thesis.

With ageing and upon retirement, the question of where one wants to grow old becomes relevant. The (imminent) decrease in physical and mental abilities often requires a move to a house adapted to elderly people’s specific needs. It is important for people to age in a place where they feel at home, as it has been argued that attachment to place increases well-being in old age. Feeling at home may increase a person’s well-being, and with that his/her quality of life. It is of particular interest to study migrant home-making, as the migration experience is an extra layer, adding elements from different cultures and different places. In this project, we focused on home-making of elderly Antillean immigrants in the Netherlands, at the scale of the house and immediate living environment.

Central questions are 1) how do Antillean migrants make a home in their old age? 2) how does attachment to the home place affect their well-being? We drew on qualitative life- history interviews with Antillean elderly, who live in a residential community. Home-making is studied as a material and symbolic process, through discussing the different experiences, memories and significant objects that make up the home place.


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