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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Inter-regional migration in Indonesia

Principal researcher

N. Wadji

Type of research



Prof. Leo van Wissen

P rof. Clara H. Mulder

Prof. Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo, SE, MA, PhD


Indonesia has been facing severe unequal population distribution for decades. Some significant research to date has focused on migration flows in Indonesia, but considerably less attention has been paid to migration flows between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas or inter-metropolitan areas under a population redistribution framework.

We use micro, macro, and micro-macro (agent based modelling) approaches and utilize two large datasets of Population Census 2000 and 2010 and Intercensal Population Survey 2005 to describe where the main streams of migrants come from, where their specific destinations are, what phase of population redistribution Indonesia currently is in and describe the patterns of regional concentration in terms of a set of origin-destination-regional flows.

Four sub-topics will be addressed, namely:

  1. Inter-regional migration flows in Indonesia
  2. Inter-regional migration in Indonesia: a macro approach
  3. Inter-regional migration in Indonesia: a micro approach
  4. Inter-regional migration in Indonesia: an agent based modelling approach
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