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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Towards a client oriented health insurance scheme in Ghana

Principal researcher

Christine J. Fenenga

Type of research



Prof. Inge Hutter (Promotor)

Dr Kwasi Boahene (Supervisor)

Dr Daniel Arhinful (Supervisor Ghana University)


This randomized control trial aims to study the barriers for clients to enroll in the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana from the perspective of clients, healthcare providers and the health insurer. Central in this study are the health care clients. The study is conducted in Greater Accra Region and Western Region, two regions with different socio-demographic features.

To explore clients’ perceptions on health, healthcare and health insurances the participative action approach is employed. We use a variety of qualitative (individual health histories, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, observation, validation workshops) and quantitative methods (household survey and health facility survey).

Using the baseline data collected in 2011-2012, two types of interventions were defined (a light and intensive version), both focusing on ‘engagement of clients in the monitoring of the services of healthcare and health insurance provider’[1].  We integrated a spectrum of social dynamics known from the social capital theory, such as groups and networks, communication and information, collective action and cooperation and empowerment, whereby trust and trust building are key aspects.The final phase of the study, comprising of follow up surveys and interviews, aims to measure the effect of the interventions.

The study is expected to result in relevant information for healthcare and health insurance managers and policy leaders.

[1] Because scalability of interventions is an important condition for success, the researchers opted for this light and intensive version

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