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Research Urban and Regional Studies Institute PRC

Inclusivity in education

As part of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grant project, students on the course Qualitative Research for Policy & Practice produced a series of eight reports on multiple facets of Diversity & Inclusion in the Master Population Studies. Through interviewing staff & students, conducting lecture observations, reviewing course materials, reaching out to support structures at the university like the Student Service Centre and beyond the university to organisations such as VISIO, students have developed a series of recommendations for enhancing inclusivity.

Seven cross-cutting themes were identified in these reports, which this summary aims to translate into practical educational advice with supporting educational resources. Resources are hyperlinked where relevant and each point ends with a number in brackets, eg. (1.1), to indicate its position within the overarching inclusive teaching model, the Universal Design for Learning. This report adopts the UDL approach of encouraging the removal of as many barriers to learning as possible through intentional proactive design, whether students disclose personal circumstances or not. If you would like to know more, you can follow these links to broader explanations, further examples, and supporting educational research.

Last modified:19 April 2024 09.30 a.m.