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Research Stratingh

The Hanse Catalysis Symposium

01 June 2015

A long time ago both Groningen as well as Rostock belonged to the Hanseatic League, which was an early from of a free trade zone. Most of the Hanseatic Cities were indeed harbours.

Today Groningen and Rostock have a common interest in catalysis and that is the reason we have decided to bring the LIKAT and the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry together for a one day symposium on catalysis.

Main topics are:

·         Homogeneous catalysis

·         Spectroscopy in relation to catalysis

·         Catalytic conversion of renewable resources

In addition to two plenary lectures (Beller and Feringa), there will be 13 oral communications and a large number of posters from both institutions.

The organizing committee

Johannes G. de Vries

Ben L. Feringa

Matthias Beller

Tineke Kalter-Meuken


08.20 - 08.50 Registration

08.50 - 09.00 Opening

Chair morning session: Hans de Vries

09.00 - 09.40 Ben L. Feringa, Introduction Stratingh Institute and Research Highlights

09.40 - 10.00 Torsten Beweries, An ansa-titanocene model for visible light-induced overall water splitting.

10.00 - 10.20 Edwin Otten, A metal-ligand cooperative pathway for intermolecular oxa-Michael additions to unsaturated nitriles.

10.20 - 10.50 Coffee & Posters

10.50 - 11.10 Dirk Hollmann, Elucidating the mechanism of photocatalytic water splitting using in situ EPR and FTIR spectroscopy.

11.10 - 11.30 Wesley Browne, Shining light on mechanisms in catalysis.

11.30 - 11.50 Marko Hapke, Base-metal catalysis for cyclization reactions.

11.50 - 12.10 Ivana Drienovska, Artificial metalloenzymes.

12.10 - 12.30 Antje Meißner, In situ catalyst preparation - dimeric Rh-complexes as example.

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch & Posters

Chair afternoon session: Adri Minnaard

13.30 - 13.50 Katalin Barta, Acid-catalysed cleavage of lignin. In situ conversion of reactive intermediates.

13.50 - 14.10 Andreas Martin, Carbon dioxide hydrogenation towards synthetic natural gas:

A route to effective future energy storage.

14.10 - 14.30 Erik Heeres, Pyrolysis 2.0. Catalytic biorefining of biomass.

14.30 - 14.50 Haijun Jiao, Computational understanding of organometallics and catalysis.

14.50 - 15.20 Tea & Posters

15.20-16.00 Matthias Beller, Introduction LIKAT and Research Highlights.

16.00 – 16.20 Syuzi Harutyunyan, Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of tertiary alcohols and C-tertiary amines: methodology and mechanism.

16.20 - 16.40 Yuehui Li, Selective catalysis via cooperative substrate activation.

16.40-16.50 Concluding remarks

16.50- 17.30 Drinks

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