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Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award 2015 for Ben Feringa

06 March 2015

The Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award is a special Award for significant achievements in the fundamental and practice of  catalysis, and is based on accomplishments and contributions over the last ten years. It is awarded every five years to an active researcher from academia, research institutes, or industry working in the Netherlands or Belgium, and consists of a certificate and a prize of €10,000.

Prof.dr. Ben Feringa recieves the certificate form prof.dr. Eelco Vogt.

The first recipient of the NCCA, in 2009, was professor Bert Weckhuysen.

The jury of the Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award 2015 consisted of  Dr. Peter Berben, Dr. Martin Lok, Prof. Roeland Nolte, Prof. Roel Prins, Prof. Eelco Vogt, Prof. Thomas Weber, and Prof. Bert Weckhuysen. The jury received nine nominations, each for candidates of  very high quality, spread over the various fields of catalysis, and from academia as well as from industry.

After careful consideration, the jury has decided to award the Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award to Professor Ben Feringa, Jacobus H. van't Hoff Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences  at the University of Groningen, for his ground-breaking research in Catalysis; more specifically asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formation, switchable chiral ligands, and the introduction of phosphoramidites as privileged chiral ligands for catalysis.

You can read here more information about this award.

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