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Research ENTEG Smart Manufacturing Systems Research Projects

Switching regulation-based control for hybrid dynamical systems

Dynamical systems can cover a wide spread of applications described in differential equation form, such as networks, multi-agent systems. In addition, practical systems may frequently operate in different modes with a switching signal specifying the switching regulation between the working modes. As one kind of crucial hybrid dynamical systems, switched system provides a unified framework for mathematical modeling for numerous practical or man-made systems displaying switching feature, such as electrical networks, mechanical systems, switched power converters and so on. Due to the practical applications in numerous fields, hybrid switched systems have attracted a great amount of interests over the past decades. Generally, the stabilization is the main concern in the fields of switched systems and has been extensively investigated in the literature. However, these results generally stabilize the considered systems by designing controllers, and switching behavior is viewed as disturbance degrading the stability performance. On the other hand, for some uncontrollable systems, controllers will fail to work, especially for those whose subsystems are unstable.

In this project, we focus on exploring the stabilization property based on switching regulation, which may provide one more approach to stabilize switched systems when some/all of its modes are unstable/uncontrollable.

Last modified:28 November 2018 1.27 p.m.