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This project is concerned with the control, metering and pricing of thermal networks. Similarly to other utility networks, thermal networks involve a large number of autonomous agents (producers and consumers) which share interest for a common product (the heat) with different needs and demands. The actions taken by producers and consumers affect each other via the shared network through which the heat is distributed. General methods to manage (control) the entire systems are needed in order to: (i) avoid destabilizing effects in the network due to the interplay among agents with contrasting interests; (ii) increase the general social welfare, measured in terms of surplus (profit minus costst) for both consumers and producers while balancing supply and demand; (iii) suppress possible undesired transients (large oscillations) in the distribution network due to time-varying working conditions and control pressures with reduced power pump consumption. The aim of this project is to provide provably correct methodologies to control heat networks.


Prof.dr. C. de Persis

PhD student

Tjardo Scholten

Contact information

Secretary Frederika Fokkens
Telephone +31 50 363 8493
Postal address University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 4
NL-9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands
E-mail secsms
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