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Research ENTEG Smart Manufacturing Systems Research Projects

Energy based analysis and control of the grid

In this project, we aim at a systematic analysis and design of microgrid controllers that achieve desired properties which are summarized below.
Frequency regulation: The frequency at each bus of the microgrid has to be regulated to the nominal frequency. This also can be translated to balancing the total demand and supply.
Voltage regulation: The voltage at each bus needs to be around a certain nominal value, depending on the tolerance level and the working conditions.
Active power sharing: The demand of the active power required by the loads needs to be shared among the generator units for an optimal utilization of the generated power.
Reactive power sharing: The reactive power needs to be shared in order to enhance the power quality delivered to the loads, and to avoid excessive currents at the transmission lines.
Capacity constraints: The active and reactive power at each bus should not exceed a certain value.
Last modified:03 November 2015 10.30 a.m.