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Communication, information and social inequalities in a digital world (DIGINEQ)

This theme focuses on how digital media and technologies change communication and public debate and how this affects social inequalities. How are social, cultural and political participation shaped online and what barriers hinder participation? How do citizenship, social cohesion and identities change due to communication in digital societies and how does this relate to political transformations? We particularly want to strengthen our expertise in three domains:

(1) “Online news and information, and public debate” focuses on communication on digital platforms and how this affects the reliability of news and information, social cohesion and polarization, and the quality of public debate.

(2) “Digital exclusion and social inequalities” focuses on processes of digital in- and exclusion, digital literacy and how social inequalities are replicated online.

(3) “Digital governments and informed citizenship” asks how governments can communicate effectively with citizens, embed public values in digitalization policies such as the use of algorithms in its processes, and foster informed citizenship.

Last modified:28 March 2024 11.13 a.m.