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Language of Literature

This research group studies the Greek and Latin language systems, especially those used in literary texts.


  • Dr Suzanne Adema (University of Amsterdam)
  • Dr Rutger Allan (VU University Amsterdam)


This research group concentrates on the linguistic systems of ancient Greek and Latin, and more specifically on the syntactic, semantic and especially the pragmatic analysis of Greek and Latin literary discourse. Both poetic and prose texts are object of research. The group’s methodological perspective comprises various theoretical approaches that study language fundamentally as a communicative tool. In accordance with the general methodological leaning of OIKOS, members of the research group adopt an eclectic approach rather than a single theoretical model. Insights borrowed from various models in current linguistics are employed to analyze Greek and Latin literary texts.


The group is open to (interdisciplinary) collaboration with other researchers and research groups, including researchers working on non-literary texts. It organizes conferences and workshops, in particular the biennial ‘Katwijk conference’ of researchers of Greek and Latin linguistics. While this conference provides a strong foundation for the continuity of the group’s research, the group also wishes to explore new research topics and approaches and broaden its scope to non-narrative genres. For the coming years, special focus of interest will be to further develop a linguistic perspective on the concept of Anchoring Innovation ( and to explore ways in which this concept can be fruitfully applied to the linguistic study of Greek and Latin literary, especially dialogical or rhetorical texts.


Full members

  • Dr Suzanne Adema (VU)
  • Dr Simon Aerts (UGent)
  • Dr Rutger Allan (VU)
  • Dr Mathieu de Bakker (UvA)
  • Daniël Bartelds MPhil (UL)
  • Dr Corien Bary (RU)
  • Dr Lucien van Beek (UL)
  • Dr Klaas Bentein (UGent)
  • Dr Tazuko van Berkel (UL)
  • Dr Ronald Blankenborg (RU)
  • Lola Bos (UvA)
  • Prof. Dr Bé Breij (RU)
  • Dr Merlijn Breunesse (UvA)
  • Dr Filip De Decker (UGent)
  • Dr Bram Fauconnier (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr Giovanbattista Galdi (UGent)
  • Dr Lidewij van Gils (UvA)
  • Giovanni Gomiero (UGent)
  • Dr Luuk Huitink (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Mark Janse (UGent)
  • Henric Jansen (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Irene de Jong (UvA)
  • Dr Michiel van der Keur (UG)
  • Dr Mark de Kreij (RU)
  • Prof. Dr Caroline Kroon (UvA)
  • Giovanni Margiotta MA (RU)
  • Drs Geert De Mol (UGent)
  • Dr Chiara Monaco (UGent)
  • Dr Ugo Mondini (UGent)
  • Dr Basil Nelis (UL)
  • Arjan Nijk MA (UL)
  • Dr Saskia Peels (UG)
  • Dr Marlein van Raalte (UL)
  • Dr Adriaan Rademaker (UL)
  • Dr Remco Regtuit (UG)
  • Drs Clarine Rijpstra-van Daal (UU)
  • Dr Rodie Risselada (UvA)
  • Ricarda Schier MA (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr Ineke Sluiter (UL)
  • Dr Joanne Stolk (UGent)
  • Silvia Stopponi MA (RUG)
  • Kees Thijs MA (RU)
  • Prof. Dr Gerry Wakker (UG)

Associated members

  • Bas Clercx MA (Berlijn)
  • Dr Evert van Emde Boas (Aarhus)
  • Dr Michel Buijs (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Dominique Longrée (ULiège)
  • Drs Gerben Wartena (VU)
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