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Classical Receptions and Traditions

This research group studies the various ways in which later times have interacted with antiquity.


  • Dr Bettina Reitz-Joosse (University of Groningen)
  • Dr Evelien Bracke (Ghent University)
  • Prof. Dr Maarten De Pourcq (Radboud University Nijmegen)


Writers, artists, scholars, institutions and cultural communities have perceived and used the ancient world in different ways throughout history. Within OIKOS, there are numerous researchers and research projects that study these interactions of later times with antiquity, whether as their core object of study or as part of their larger research project. They share is the theoretical perspectives and the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manners of approaching central research questions related to reception.

The research group Classical receptions and traditions focuses on the way in which so-called ‘receptions’ of antiquity are central to various sorts of engagement with the past and the present. The group investigates several historical periods, ranging from antiquity itself up until the present, but focuses on reception in the early modern and modern culture.

Main research objects

  • receptions of antiquity from the Middle Ages to the present
  • functions of the classical; classical antiquity and modern theory
  • classical antiquity and modern theory
  • Medieval and Neo-Latin texts and their contexts
  • history of archaeology and art history
  • history of classical education

Research in these areas is approached from two main perspectives:

  1. the mapping out, disclosure, description, analysis and (comparative) study of so-called ‘classical traditions’, both in Europe and the world at large;
  2. the development of methodological frameworks and analytical tools to examine receptions of antiquity.

In order to tackle these questions, the group organizes different types of research meetings: from work-in-progress days to thematic symposia and reading seminars. It also regularly co-organizes a meeting with the Dutch Neolatinistenverband.


Full members

  • Dr Susanna de Beer (UL)
  • Dr Kim Beerden (UL)
  • Dr Tazuko van Berkel (UL)
  • Dr Floris Bernard (UGent)
  • Dr Julián Bértola (UGent)
  • Dr Nicolò Bettegazzi (UG)
  • Dr Frans Blom (UvA)
  • Prof. Dr Mauro Bonazzi (UU)
  • Friederike Brunzema (UG)
  • Amaranth Feuth MA (UL)
  • Dr Zoë Ghyselinck (UGent)
  • Dr Nathalie de Haan (RU)
  • Dr Jeroen Jansen (UvA)
  • Thomas Kluitenburg MA (UL)
  • Michael Kochenash (RU)
  • Dr Mieke Koenen (VU)
  • Dr Mark de Kreij (RU)
  • Mirte Liebregts MA (RU)
  • Prof. Dr Eric Moormann (RU)
  • Drs Henri van Nispen (RU)
  • Dr Matthew Payne (UL)
  • Dr Jeremia Pelgrom (UG)
  • Dr Christoph Pieper (UL)
  • Ruben Poelstra (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Maarten De Pourcq (RU)
  • Dr Bettina Reitz-Joosse (UG)
  • Dr David Rijser (UvA)
  • Dr Janric van Rookhuijzen (RU)
  • Katharina-Maria Schön (UG)
  • Nicky Schreuder (UL)
  • Dr Jörn Soerink (UL)
  • Dr Claire Stocks (UvA)
  • Dr Rolf Strootman (UU)
  • Song Tan (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Koen De Temmerman (UGent)
  • Koen Vacano MA (VU)
  • Merlijn Veltman (UL)
  • Alexandra Vereeck (UGent)
  • Robert Vinkesteijn MA (UU)
  • Dr Grigory Vorobyev (UGent)
  • Martje de Vries MA (RU)
  • Dr Dinah Wouters (UG)

Associated members

  • Dr Myrthe Bartels (Pisa)
  • Dr Lukas van den Berge (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Jan Bloemendal (Huygens/KNAW)
  • Dr Guy Claessens (Leuven)
  • Drs Marijke Crab (Leuven)
  • Zorana Cvijanovic (RU)
  • Prof. Dr Wilken Engelbrecht (Univ. Olomouc/KU Lublin)
  • Dr Annet den Haan (RU)
  • Rijcklof Hofman (RU)
  • Dr Aaron Kachuck (UCLouvain)
  • Maria Klimova MA (RU)
  • Dr Floor Koeleman (University of Lausanne)
  • Dr Egbert Koops (UL)
  • Julie Lejsgaard Christensen (Aarhus/Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)
  • Prof. Dr Peter Liebregts (UL)
  • Dr Frits Naerebout (UL)
  • Julia Neugarten (RU)
  • Federico Petris (UG)
  • Dr Raf van Rooy (Leuven)
  • Prof. Dr Els Rose (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Dirk Sacré (Leuven)
  • Prof. Dr Bernard Stolte (UG/KNIR)
  • Nicholas De Sutter MA (Leuven)
  • Marie Hélène van de Ven (Aarhus)
  • Prof. Dr Arnoud Visser (UU)
  • Dr Jan Waszink (UL)
  • Dinah Wouters MA (UGent)
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