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Classical Literature: Theory and Contexts

This research group examines Greco-Roman literature from Homer to late Imperial literature with a special focus on modern literary theories.


  • Dr Jacqueline Klooster (University of Groningen)
  • Dr Floris Overduin (Radboud University)
  • Dr Christoph Pieper (Leiden University)


Classical philology and the production of commentaries have been a constant factor in the research traditions of both Flemish and Dutch classicists working on ancient literature. In addition, many scholars have long been involved in the application of modern literary theory to ancient texts. This research groups aims to continue this tradition. In terms of literary approaches, there is a concentration on intertextuality, narratology, genre and generic interactions, and meta-poetics. Although these main lines will be central, the group also welcomes other theoretical approaches of ancient literature, both strictly literary and historical-contextualizing. Such research may include gender, ancient receptions, cognitive approaches, memory studies, patronage etc.

Regarding the chronological span, members study a broad range of Greco-Roman literature from Homer to late Imperial poetry. Their work covers, among others:

  • narratological studies on ancient Greek poetry
  • orality and literacy in Archaic Greek lyric
  • contextualization of Hellenistic poetry
  • literary commentaries on Greek Imperial and Flavian poetry
  • intertextuality and metapoetics in Latin poetry
  • landscapes of war in Roman literature


Members of this research group are represented in several (inter)national networks and projects, including:

  • Groningen Workshops on Hellenistic Poetry
  • Network for the Study of Archaic and Classical Greek Song
  • the Flavian Epic Network
  • Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative


Full members

  • Dr Rutger Allan (VU)
  • Dr Susanna de Beer (UL)
  • Dr Tazuko van Berkel (UL)
  • Dr Ronald Blankenborg (RU)
  • Dr Evelien Bracke (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr Bé Breij (RU)
  • Prof. Dr Felix Budelmann (UG)
  • Dr Diederik Burgersdijk (RU)
  • Dr Francesco Busti (UL)
  • Dr Silvia Castelli (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Andrea Cuomo (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr Kristoffel Demoen (UGent)
  • Marije Derksen (RU)
  • Oriol Febrer (UL)
  • Dr Jaap-Jan Flinterman (VU)
  • Prof. Dr Marco Formisano (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr Giovanbattista Galdi (UGent)
  • Kees Geluk (UL)
  • Caterina Fossi MA (UvA)
  • Prof. Dr Annette Harder (UG)
  • Dr Mark Heerink (UvA)
  • Leonie Henkes MA (UL)
  • Dr Luuk Huitink (UvA)
  • Dr Vincent Hunink (RU)
  • Dr Claire Jackson (UGent)
  • Dr Renske Janssen (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Irene de Jong (UvA)
  • Prof. Dr Casper de Jonge (UL)
  • Sandra Karten (UL)
  • Dr Michiel van der Keur (UG)
  • Dr Jacqueline Klooster (UG)
  • Thomas Kluitenburg MA (UL)
  • Prof. Dr André Lardinois (RU)
  • Mirte Liebregts MA (RU)
  • Giovanni Margiotta MA (RU)
  • Glyn Muitjens MA (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Ruurd Nauta (UG)
  • Dr Emilie van Opstall (VU)
  • Dr Floris Overduin (RU)
  • Dr Matthew Payne (UL)
  • Dr Saskia Peels (UG)
  • Dr Christoph Pieper (UL)
  • Dr Remco Regtuit (UG)
  • Dr Bettina Reitz-Joosse (UG)
  • Dr David Rijser (UvA)
  • Katherina-Maria Schön (UG)
  • Dr Jörn Soerink (UL)
  • Dr Klazina Staat (VU)
  • Silvia Stopponi MA (UG)
  • Piril Us-MacLennan (UGent)
  • Koen Vacano MA (VU)
  • Dr Bram van der Velden (UL)
  • Dr Joseph Zehner (UL)

Associated members

  • Dr Annemarie Ambühl (Mainz)
  • Pieter van den Broek MA (UvA)
  • Bas Clercx MA (Berlijn)
  • Ramona Cirstian (RU)
  • Dr Martine Cuypers (Dublin)
  • Dr Harm-Jan van Dam (VU)
  • Dr Evert van Emde Boas (Aarhus)
  • Prof. Dr Wilken Engelbrecht (Univ. Olomouc/KU Lublin)
  • Prof. Dr Jan Willem van Henten (UvA)
  • Dr Michiel van der Keur
  • Maria Klimova MA (RU)
  • Dr Inger Kuin (Dartmouth)
  • Sean McGrath MA (Dublin)
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