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Ancient Philosophy and Science


  • Prof. Dr Marije Martijn (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Prof. Dr Teun Tieleman (Utrecht University)
  • Dr Albert Joosse (Utrecht University/Groningen University)


The research group Ancient Philosophy and Science focuses on three main areas:

  • physics, metaphysics, and the sciences
  • psychology and pedagogy
  • philosophy and society (esp. religion)

At the most general level, the group addresses research questions like: What is the nature of ancient philosophical problems and systems when analyzed and explicated within their own intellectual and cultural context? What are our sources for ancient philosophy and science, and how does the nature, transmission and reception of these texts affect our interpretation thereof? Researchers in this group read texts in their sociocultural and historical context, but also analyze texts for their intrinsic importance.

As its name indicates, the group includes within its remit ancient science, most notably medicine, mathematics and astronomy. This reflects the close relation of these fields to philosophy in antiquity, displays strengths of current research in the Netherlands, and also fits in with a worldwide development: an increase in publications and media, conferences, research and teaching programs, as well as the establishment of chairs, concerned with ancient science.


This research group collaborates with the ancient philosophers of the KU Leuven (in the CAW, Centre for Ancient Philosophy of Leiden, Leuven and Utrecht) and with the History of Philosophy Section of the OZSW (Dutch Research School of Philosophy).


Full members

  • Prof. Dr Keimpe Algra (UU)
  • Dr Frederik Bakker (RU)
  • Dr Bert van den Berg (UL)
  • Dr Tazuko van Berkel (UL)
  • Prof. Dr Mauro Bonazzi (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Gerard Boter (VU)
  • Chiara Cecconi MA (UU)
  • Dr Bram Demulder (UL)
  • Teun van Dijk (VU)
  • Caterina Fossi MA (UvA)
  • Prof. Dr Frans de Haas (UL)
  • Dr Maarten van Houte (UU)
  • Henric Jansen (UL)
  • Dr Albert Joosse (UU)
  • Dr Giouli Korobili (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Marije Martijn (VU)
  • Daan Mulder MA (UU)
  • Glyn Muitjens MA (UL)
  • Dr Tamer Nawar (UG)
  • Prof. Dr Jan van Ophuijsen (UU)
  • Maria Chiara Parisi MA (UvA)
  • Dr Marlein van Raalte (UL)
  • Drs Clarine Rijpstra-van Daal (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Teun Tieleman (UU)
  • Dr Shiyanthi Thavapalan (VU)
  • Bob van Velthoven (UL)
  • Dr Robert Vinkesteijn (UU)
  • Carolina Welslau MA (UU)
  • Dr Joseph Zehner (UL)

Associated members

  • Dr Han Baltussen (Adelaide)
  • Dr Myrthe Bartels (Pisa)
  • Dr Lukas van den Berge (UU)
  • Prof. Dr Bram Bos (em. VU)
  • Dr mr. René Brouwer (UU)
  • Dr Aiste Celkyte (UU)
  • Ramona Cirstian (RU)
  • Dr Lilith Lee (VU)
  • Dr Mariska Leunissen (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Drs Suzan Sierksma-Agteres (UG)
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