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Current PhD students

Pieter Alkemade (VU)
Achaemenid taxation in Neo-Babylonian private archives

Daniel Bartelds (UL)
Dictionary use by secondary school pupils while translating Greek and Latin texts

Morris Beks (UvA)
Ruling by Acclamation, Legitimacy of the Eastern Roman Emperor during transfers of power from the 10th to 12th centuries

Toon Bongers (UGent)
Inland waterways in the Roman transport network of the Gallic and Germanic provinces (c. 50 BC – c. AD 400)

Lola Bos (UvA)
Staged Narrative as an Anchoring Device: Narratology, Intermediality and Cognition in Sophocles

Yannis Brichant (UGent)
Under pressure: the impact of socio-economic and institutional dynamics on the late Roman aristocracy (565-641)

Tom Britton (UG)
Connecting the Greeks: festival networks in the ancient world

Amber Brüsewitz (UGent)
Attica and the Peloponnesian War: measuring community resilience

Chiara Cecconi (UU)
The Epistemological Turn in Hellenistic Medicine. Herophilus of Chalcedon, Erasistratus of Ceos and Medical Innovation

Cristina Cocola (UGent)
The heritage of the Psalms in Byzantine penitential poetry

Jitse Daniels (UG)
Agents of Anchoring: Roman colonies and settlements from the Mithridatic wars to Augustus in Greece and Asia Minor

Alexis Daveloose (UGent)
Family matters: a comparative and interconnected analysis of the social importance of family relations and descent in Republican Etruria and Latium (ca. 500-31 BC)

Marije Derksen (RU)
Chatterboxes, Seductresses and Emotional Wrecks. Anchoring Innovation in Female Characterization in Hellenistic Poetry

Maarten van Deventer (RU)
Ex memoria praecedentium saeculorum. The Roman past and the coming about of a collective cultural identity in Late-Antique and Early Medieval Rome

Teun van Dijk (VU)
Anchoring Asceticism in Late Antique Gaul: Interiority, Paideia, and Community in Lérinian hagiography

Oriol Febrer (UL)
Greek epigram in Rome: cultural diversity in pointed verse

Caterina Fossi (UvA)
Just Old Wives' Tales? Uncovering the function of Plato's myth-making

Giovanni Gomiero (UGent)
Thomas of Marga and the Book of Superiors: texts, formation and socio-cultural context of an East-Syrian bishop in the mid-ninth century

Anique Hamelink (UvA)
Dress, gender and identity in the northern and western provinces of the Roman empire

Cécile Harlaut (UL)
Innovating objects. The impact of global connections and the formation of the Roman Empire (ca. 200-30 BC)

Leonie Henkes (UL)
Folk theories of crying as represented in ancient Greek literature from Homer till the 5th century BCE

Larissa Henrique Dos Santos Lemos (RU)
Uncovering Emotions - The Straints of Roman Slave Ownership

Boris Hoetjes (UvA)
Anchoring Ambiguity in Vergil's Aeneid

Hanna Hoogenraad (VU)
Paul, Syriac Christianity, and Judaism: Syriac Interpretations of Romans 9–11

Emma Huig (UGent)
The Holy Romance. Characterization and concepts of fiction in Italo-Greek hagiography

Ketty Iannantuono (RU)
Anchoring political innovation in the Roman world: communication of power dynamics in monumental art (50 BCE – 565 CE)

Irene Jacobs (RU)
Perceptions of travel in Byzantine saints' lives

Henric Jansen (UL)
Inventing War in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Bart Janssen (RU)
The Emperor's New Praise: Encomiastic traditions and loci communes in Pliny's Panegyricus

Alma Kant (UU)
Anchoring the agora in archaic and classical Greek poleis (c 800-300 BCE)

Sandra Karten (UL)
ALLEEN SAMEN: naar een succesvolle ontwikkeling van vakoverstijgend onderwijs op het gymnasium

Christian Kicken (RU)
Old Roads. New Ways. Adapting and Anchoring the Infrastructure of the Roman Empire; Anchoring Innovation

Paul Kloeg (UL)
An Empire of 2000 Cities: Urbanism in the Roman Near East

Marijke Kooijman (UGent)
Lobbying in Late Antiquity

Patricia Kret (UL)
Changing use, changing needs? The use of amulets from the first century BCE to the early Christian world

Karin Laporte (UL)
Narrative patterns in Herodian's History of the Roman Empire

Mirte Liebregts (RU)
Classics for all? A socio-cultural history of the Loeb Classical Library

Elsa Lucassen (UvA)
Lived Time: The changing Festival Calendar in Late Antique Egypt

Giovanni Margiotta (RU)
Under the cloak of words: Oratio figurata and loci communes in Cicero’s Caesarian speeches

Cindy Meijer (VU)
Prophecy and power: predictive texts and politics in the Hellenistic Near East

Michèle Meijer (VU)
Cultic similarities between Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman world

Isabelle de Meyer (UGent)
A semantic and etymological study on Greek ἀραρίσκω 'to adapt' and its cognates

Geert De Mol (UGent)
Everyday writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (I - VIII AD): a socio-semiotic study of communicative variation

Glyn Muitjens (UL)
Skin deep? The sociocultural meaning of skin in ancient Greek literature

Daan Mulder (UU)
The literary style of Plotinus

Giorgia Nicosia (UGent)
History and authority in Syriac excerpt collections

Henri van Nispen (RU)
Gaius Caligula, Rome's first real emperor

Maria Chiara Parisi (UvA)
Mathematics & Scientific Explanation in Antiquity: A ‘Slow Science’ and ‘Big Data’ Study

Ruben Poelstra (UL)
The Epic Rebirth of Christ: Reciprocal Anchoring in the Italian Renaissance

Manon Post (UL)
A Fiscal Revolution - A New Perspective on the Introduction and Spread of Coinage

Clarine Rijpstra-van Daal (UU)
Galen on education

Pim Schievink (UG)
Creating complex sacred spaces: experience, agency and multivocality in Hellenistic Asklepieia (4th century BC – 1st century BC)

Jeffrey Schulman (UG)
Anchoring the New Empire: Praise and the Imperial Court

Tanya Sieiro van der Beek (UG)
Arrival of the Attalids: regional identity and local impact of Pergamon religion politics

Joost Snaterse (RU)
Elite patronage and social boundaries in the Byzantine city

Simon Speksnijder (UG)
Greeting and eating: control and hierarchy in Roman society, 80 B.C. - A.D. 180

Silvia Stopponi (UG)
Exploring ancient Greek meaning change and some relevant semantic domains by training word embeddings

Song Tan (UL)
The Representation of Imperial Rule and the Classical World in Early Medieval England

Caroline van Toor (UG)
Multiculturality and mortuary practices. Shifting identities in Hellenistic and Roman Thessaloniki

Piril Us-MacLennan (UGent)
Making Narratives of an Empire's Unmaking: A Critical spatialization of Byzantine Historiography of the Late Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries

Koen Vacano (VU)
Epic cinema: from Vergil to Star Wars

Michele Valandro (RU)
Uncovering and analyzing changes in the institutional language of communities in the Republican Western provinces - Africa Proconsularis, Gallia Cisalpina, Gallia Narbonensis and Hispania

Nina Vanhoutte (UGent)
Learning in Byzantium: characteristics of Greek didactic poetry in the 11th and 12th century

Valentina Vari (UG)
Writing Latin in Roman Greece

Suzan van de Velde (UL)
Moving statues. The introduction and impact of Greek statuary in Republican Rome

Bob van Velthoven (UL)
Economic thinking in the Socratic authors and Aristotle

Merlijn Veltman (UL)
From the Sea to the Steppe: Anchoring Mediterranean Objectscapes in Pastoralist Burials in Central Asia

Alexandra Vereeck (UGent)
Non scholae sed vitae? An Empirical Study on the Cognitive Transfer Effects of Studying Classical Languages in Flemish Secondary Education

Louis Verreth (UL)
Claiming Ancient Rome’s Heritage: the Translatio Imperii as an Anchoring Device in Neo- Latin Poetry at the Court of Lorenzo de’ Medici (1469-1492) and Other Late 15th-Century Courts in Italy

Robin van Vliet (UG)
Anchoring Roman rule: Rome-oriented cults and festivals in the Greek world

Martje de Vries (RU)
Saving and Shaping the Roman Past: Athanasius Kircher’s Reception of Rome’s Textual and Tangible Legacy

Anna van der Weij (UU)
Constructing the Limes

Carolina Welslau (UU)
Plotinus on Recollection and Sense Perception

Adam Wiznura (UG)
Contests Connecting Communities: The Regional Festival Networks of Hellenistic Thessaly

Susanna Wolfert-De Vries (UU)
The Emergence of Judaism in Late Antique Egypt as a Hebrew/Aramaic Speaking Diaspora Community

Matthijs Zoeter (UGent)
Politics in late antique Rome: Networks and argumentation in Symmachus' Letters

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