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Information for ReMA and PhD students

For general information about OIKOS, see About OIKOS.


ReMA and PhD students can participate in OIKOS activities if they are (associated) member of OIKOS. OIKOS welcomes all ReMA and PhD students enrolled at one of the universities participating in OIKOS and whose primary interest lies with the Graeco-Roman or Near Eastern Antiquity and its reception. Membership for ReMA students is arranged via their host university. PhD students can become full member, associated member, or "interested party". NB: Full members take precedence over associated members and interested parties if there are limited numbers of spots available. Take a look at the membership requirements for the various options.

Education options

  • Courses and events (for ECTS). Every year, OIKOS offers circa ten courses and a minimum number of five events for which ReMA and PhD students can obtain ECs. All OIKOS ReMA and PhD students are expected to participate in curriculum courses for at least 10 EC (= 10 x 28 hours) in the course of their studies. An overview of all recurring courses can be found via the menu on the left (ReMA and PhD curriculum). Details about course content and registration for courses on offer this year can be found via the menu under Upcoming courses.

  • Research events. In addition to the OIKOS curriculum, the OIKOS research groups organize activities in which senior researchers, PhD students, and ReMA students participate. Although attendance of research group meetings is not rewarded by ECs, such activities are regarded as an important aspect of the student’s training. ReMA and PhD students are therefore strongly encouraged to actively participate in their research groups.

Costs for attending courses

Participation in courses taking place within the Netherlands is free of charge (except for travel expenses, which are always paid for by the student him/herself); for courses taking place abroad (courses at the KNIR or NIA, the international PhD Days, PhD Masterclass) a financial contribution may be required.


Both ReMa students and PhD candidates have an OIKOS representative. They are the people you can go to with all kinds of questions and comments concerning your ReMA or PhD position within OIKOS. The representatives process the evaluation forms of all the courses. They have a seat in the OIKOS education committee, whose members meet twice a year to discuss, set up, and evaluate the education and policy of OIKOS.

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