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OIKOS - How to Write A Peer Reviewed Article - Session 2

When:Fr 19-04-2024 14:00 - 17:00
Where:Leiden, t.b.a.

The course is addressed to ReMA students and PhD candidates. It is organized by OIKOS in collaboration with two peer-journals: the Dutch journal Lampas (executive editor: van Gils) and the international journal Mnemosyne (former executive editor: Pieper). It will deal with what peer reviewing means both for authors and boards of journals; how to deal with the peer reviewing process and the criticism/assessments; how to make choices between different journals; how to write peer reviews. Additionally, it will help participants in making a first step towards writing an article that they might want to publish in a journal.

Language of instruction will be English; but as we will also speak about Lampas, one of the articles you will prepare for the first session might be written in Dutch. In the second session, the language depends on the choices of the participants (if someone decides to write for Lampas, that will be in Dutch, of course).

Second session:

  • Discussion of your own preliminary work (eventually in smaller groups); peer feedback and feedback of (one of the) instructors

Preparation (ca. 40u)

  • Start to transform something you have written as a paper for a seminar (or a part of your BA/MA-thesis) into an article: abstract; introduction; one case study (the text should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words); To be submitted one week in advance.