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Work in Progress Day - OIKOS Ancient Philosophy and Science group

When:Fr 27-01-2023 13:15 - 17:00
Where:Utrecht, Drift 21, room 105 (entrance via Drift 27, hall UB)


13.15-13.30: doors open, refreshments

13.30-14.30: Prof. dr. Barbara Sattler (Bochum): ‘The role of proportions in Plato’s Timaeus – a possible rapprochement of body and soul?’

14.30-15.15: Maria Chiara Parisi MA (Amsterdam): ‘What makes Aristotle's demonstrations scientific? Disentangling logical and metaphysical necessity in Posterior Analytics II.11.’

15.15-15.30: BREAK

15.30-16.15: Carolina Welslau MA (Utrecht): 'Plotinus on the perceptual krisis.'

16.15-17.00: Dr. Bert van den Berg (Leiden): ‘The Aristotelian-Plotinian ethics of Marinus in Proclus or On Happiness.’