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OIKOS Workshop - Presenting Yourself (postponed)

When:Th 29-09-2022 13:00 - 17:00
Where:Zwolle, Windesheim, Room: F1.15

- This workshop has been postponed to a later date in the spring. More information will follow.

About the workshop

Academia is about more than just research qualities: (research) communication and presentation plays an increasingly important role. (Scientific) presentations for colleagues or to a broader public, a job interview or an interview for a grant application are just a few examples that underline the importance of presenting (yourself) in academia. Research Master students and PhD candidates also have to deal with this. In this interactive workshop you are therefore going to work on the improvement of your presentation skills. The first part of this workshop pays attention to presentation-strategies, for example: how to structure your presentation? How to adjust your presentation to your audience? And how to design adequate slides? The second part of this workshop is more about delivery and (non) verbal communication, such as body language, interaction with your audience, use of voice, answering questions, and (if necessary) pronunciation. Special attention will also be given to presentation fear and how to deal with it.

This workshop is taught by Drs. Kick Moors & Hermen Visser MSc. Their company, Visser Visible Communication, specializes in communication by academic staff to audiences within and outside academia. They helped a number of OIKOS members prepare for e.g. ERC/VENI/VIDI interviews.



Walk-in and welcome


Part I. Strategy, storyline & slides




Part II. Nerves, (non) verbal communication & interaction



17.00 -

Optional: Borrel and dinner in Zwolle (at your own expense)

NB: If you have any questions about this workshop, feel free to contact the OIKOS-coordinate via email: oikos